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Tessa Tyldesley

Rock Crystal & Magnesite necklace £80

Tessa studied Fine Art at Exeter College of Art and Design having
already trained as a Primary school teacher. After working in schools
and the theatre she started to make jewellery over 25 years ago. It was the small boxes of beads in the bead shop that intrigued her and
inspired her to start threading, just as a palette of paints inspires the
She uses semi-precious stones and sterling silver and her approach is very much influenced by her painter’s eye. The colour, weight, texture and implied movement are all considered when making an individual piece. Other materials can also be seen in her work, for example glass, resin and rubber.

Magnesite earrings £28

Red Jasper earrings £36 

Jade & glass necklace £76

Picasso jasper necklace £130

Carnelian earrings £36

Pearl necklace £68

Jade & glass earrings £28

Lapis lazuli necklace £120
Pearl & Rose Quartz bracelet £48
Sodalite and Kyanite bracelet £48

Jasper earrings £36

Picasso Jasper earrings £36

 Shell haematite and jasper necklace £88

Pearl earrings £28

Larimar necklace £66
Haematite necklace £104
Dalmatian rhyolite Earrings £36